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Daria Konshtik_photo credit_Yoav Nir_01.jpg


          Daria Konshtik was born in Makeyevka, Ukraine in 1985 (former USSR). In 1995 she immigrated to Israel, currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Konshtik is a multidisciplinary artist working with painting, drawing, photography, and video-art.

​​Konshtik derives inspiration from fairy tales, myths and legends, “framing” her imaginary and at times naïve works with painted decorative ornaments, stylized with bold and vivid colours. Born in Ukraine and raised in Israel, she critically examines her identity of being a Ukrainian woman growing up in midst of the various Israeli culture. Konshtik delves deep into her dual cultural specificity expressing her experience through questions of the influence and convergence of Russian and Ukrainian customs in the realm of Israeli discourse.

​Using a vibrant palette of colours that characterizes traditional Slavic costumes, Konshtik interweaving them with Middle Eastern motifs, such as sabra and palm trees. Traditional symbols, folklore, and cultural customs in Konshtik works are characterized as psychological constructs at the boundary of the conscious and unconscious, between the personal and the collective.

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