I am a multidisciplinary artist working in painting, drawing, performance, installation, photography and video-art – examining topics such as identity, gender, feminism, analytical psychology, childhood and racism.

The imagery that I endeavor to strictly and accurately express and explore is always fully formed in my mind’s eye from the outset. The imagery’s breakdown to its constituent parts exposes to me its formation, and its reconstruction enables me to emphasize its playfulness.

            As someone born in Ukraine (USSR) and raised in Israel, I deal with questions regarding the influence and convergence of Russian and Ukrainian cultures in the realm of Israeli discourse. I examine my identity as a Russian woman in Israel by way of a traditional Russian doll - Matryoshka, serving as my alter ego.

In my works, I use a vibrant palette of colors; which allows me to express the naïveté and infantility of the realm of imagery on canvas surface. Traditional symbols, folklore and cultural customs in my works are characterized as psychological constructs at the boundary of the conscious and unconscious, between the personal and the collective.