Born in Makeyevka, Ukraine, in 1985

Immigrated to Israel in 1995

Lives and works in Tel Aviv


2020 – 2021   Visual Content Creation for the New Media, Diploma, Camera Obscura School of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel (in progress)

2018 – 2021   BA in Social Sciences, The Open University of Israel, Raanana (in progress)


2013 – 2017   Graduate of the Art Department,  Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

Solo Exhibitions

2020    The Immigrants, Daria Konshtik & Dorit Beck, N.D. Gallery, Ramat Gan, Israel. Curator: Ronit Roth Haddad


2017    Games People Play, Graduates' Exhibition, Minshar School Of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Meital Katz-Minerbo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020    Net +30, The 30th Anniversary of Aliyah from USSR, Azrieli Gallery, Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem. Curator: Tal Schwartz,  Gili Roman, Karina S. Linetsky

            Corona-Art, Artists' House, Herzliya, Israel. Curator: Yael Ben-Shaul 

            Protest for Progress, Virtual Exhibition, ZEST Hall, UK. Curated by: Round Lemon Community in partnership with Leeds City Museum

            Art Covid Times, Gan Shmuel Art Gallery, Gan Shmuel, Israel. Curators: Adi Yekutieli, Orit Kulikovsky

            Outside the Box, ARTiq - LGBTQ Community, Jaffa, Israel. Curators: Yael Rozin, Liav Mizrahi

2019    Intransition ll, The Prince Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Rotem Faifer

            La Culture: Object/Spirit, Illustration Week, Mazeh 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Itay Blaish


2018    LIFE Museum, Bialik - Rogozin School, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Liat Zichron-Yafa, Yair Barak

            AFULIZ, Interdisciplinary Art Festival, Afula, Israel. Curators: Pavel Havkin, Oz Zloof

            Beyond Words, International Multidisciplinary Art Event, Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Dr. Liliana Orbach

            Paint Shapira, The Red House Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators: Oren Fischer, Dafna Reshef

2015    Israeli Art Exhibition - Israel AIDS Task Force, Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Lee Mor Cohen (Cat.)

Reviews and Publications

2020    Haaretz, Gallery, 'The Recommended Exhibitions'Itamar Zohar, September, 2020 (HEB)

            Corona Portrait Project, 'Self - Portraits', Benjamin Mefford, June 2020


            44Degrees Magazine, 'Special Collection - Women Art', Tammy Mike Laufer, May 2020

2019    44Degrees Magazine'There Are No Sweet Wars', Tammy Mike Laufer, August 2019

2018    Gender Tuck Magazine, 'Relationships', Dave Yaacov, Dana Bracha, August 2018

            Bush Fanzine, Issue #11, Collective Bush, May 2018

2017    Portfolio Magazine'Graduates 2017', Hagit Peleg Rotem, August 2017 (HEB)

            Culture Club, TV Program (from 0:37), Shifra Cornfeld, Dafna Lustig, July 2017 (HEB)

Artist Talk

2020    Games People Play, Festival Sail, SIRA - Creation Space by Creators, Haifa, Israel. (On-Line) (HEB)


Private Collections


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