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             Anima and Animus are the archetypes directly effecting our lives. An upwards pointing triangle indicates anima - the feminine archetype in the male subconscious, whereas an inverted triangle represents animus - the masculine archetype in the female subconscious. According to Jung, we are born with both anima and animus - that is to say bisexual - and that our sexual tendencies are determined and continue to develop throughout our lives.

These two symbols are embellished on opposing sides of a white shirt, uniting into one on the body of the wearer. The choice of adorning the symbols for anima and animus on a t-shirt stems from this particular shirt's original design as a baby's onesie. The piece is displayed on a hanger as if in a store and invites the viewer to experience the primal, to touch the world indiscriminately - naïve and infantile.

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